©The Barman's Fund of Louisiana

Who We Are

The Barman’s Fund is a motley assortment of bartenders who pledge one shift a month for charitable organizations.  “Each of us picks a shift and donates every last dollar we make on that shift.  We pool the money and look for folks who need it.  We keep our causes non-political and our gifts as tangible as possible and we have a damn fine time doing it.

There are now chapters in Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC, Jackson, MS, Los Angeles, CA, New Orleans, LA, New York, NY and, Palm Beach, FL. The Barman's Fund is entirely volunteer run with no overhead expenses.

In 2014 The Barman's Fund of Louisiana became legally registered as a non-profit organization

Want to get involved?


If you are a bartender, server, or any other tipped worker, you can donate a shift. Do it every month, every once in a while, or just do one, there is no commitment. To sign up, message us with where you work, the date of the shift, and give us a start and end time for it. We will take care of the rest. It's that easy.

Not in the service industry? Check our calendar for other people's donated shifts, go out for a cocktail and "drink with purpose."

Like to donate time instead of money? We try to have volunteer opportunities every month. For example: if we are donating supplies to a food bank that month we also try to help them package things up for a day, or if we are donating to a Katrina rebuilding charity we also try to help them work on one of their houses. Anyone can come along, service industry or not. 


To learn more, as well as hear about the causes we support each month, sign up for our mailing list HERE